Designed for small businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Our expertise is in helping businesses run a better business. We are small business experts. We like to say we're "industry agnostic" and our contextual tools can be applied across companies at all stages of growth.

The tools and methodologies found within the Think Big! Program have been developed and refined over 13 years by Swiss Avenue Partners, our parent company who focuses on teaching and training small- and mid-sized companies for growing company value.

  • Go At Your Own Pace

    We understand that you've got a business to run and a life to live. Take your time and learn as fast or slow as you like.

  • Bite-Sized Video Lessons

    Watch video lessons in each course to learn all of the core concepts and models of the Think Big! Program.

  • Integration Exercises & Quizzes

    Put the tools into practice with exercises focused on implementation and test your knowledge with short quizzes.

3 Tracks | 23 Courses | 100+ Lessons

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Think Big! Program is a subscription based online learning program for the business owner that wants to become more intentional about how they are running and growing their company.

When you subscribe, you get access to all courses, lessons, and exercises in the program. As well as Virtual Study Halls and unlimited messaging with Team Big! for learning support.

Sustainable Sales Track

Get more long-term value out of your sales efforts with non-traditional methods.

In this track the lessons will focus on teaching you how to…

  • Set strategic revenue targets and ambitions
  • Determine your company’s Sustainable Sales strategy
  • Understand and leverage your position in the marketplace
  • Develop and strengthen strategic alliances and partnerships
  • Formalize and manage your sales department

By the end of this track you will have…

  • Revenue targets set for the next 12 months
  • A long-term and short-term sales strategy developed
  • Your Market Position defined for today and a strategy for the future
  • An ecosystem of 3rd party Channel Partnerships developed
  • Tools to support and manage performance of the sales department

Strategic Blueprints Track

Anchor company direction and determine business focus with a practical toolkit.

In this track the courses will focus on teaching you how to…

  • Develop a long-term strategic plan for your business
  • Set a company vision and direction the whole company can get on board with
  • Make decisions about your product offering and pricing model
  • Manage resources and plan for focused growth

By the end of this track you will have…

  • A long-term and short-term Vision for your business
  • A refined Market Position strategy
  • A Capacity for Growth plan
  • A strategy for Sales & Channel Development
  • A Client Base Management framework developed
  • A refined list of your Product / Service Mix
  • A Pricing & Packaging model defined
  • A long-term strategy for Structure & Responsibility
  • A framework for Financial Forecasting
  • A Context and Ethos determined for your company

Business Foundation Track

Create business efficiency and level up your people to build a business beyond yourself.

In this track the courses will focus on teaching you how to…

  • Create a path for expansion of role and ownership in employees
  • Develop clear Job Descriptions and practical Workflows
  • Manage time and effort to reduce reliance on the business owners
  • Create a culture of responsibility company-wide

By the end of this track you will have…

  • A Functional Chart & Structure developed
  • A Training & Transition Plan created
  • Frameworks to develop clear Job Descriptions
  • Tools to design Workflows for your business

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