Join a group today!


It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top. Connect to your own personal board of advisors and solve your business challenges with the support of your group.

Accelerate your learning curve and work on your business together with high-caliber business owner peers.

Get training on Think Big! Program skills and business tools in each meeting. You’ll get a suggested timeline to guide you as you work through the Think Big! Program Lessons.

This is for you if...

  • You are seeking support and accountability for your goals.

  • You want to become more intentional about building your business.

  • You would like to foster connections to a peer network.

Peer Group Details

The Peer Group option is for the business owner who is ready to invest in their business and and work with a group of fellow CEO's to support each other and solve business challenges together.

  • 10 Group Members

    Must have a minimum of 10 members to begin the group virtual meetings. Until the group is complete you can make progress on the Think Big! Program lessons.

  • 1-Year Commitment

    Work with your group for a minimum of one year. Groups may extend beyond a year if they choose to.

  • 2-Hr Monthly Meetings

    Each meeting will consist of two or three 30-min blocks of Company Focus times as well as training on Think Big! Program concepts and tools.

  • Online Group Messaging

    Message and communicate with your group members with access to an online collaboration tool.

  • Think Big! Facilitator

    A Think Big! Program Coach will work with the group members and facilitate each of the virtual meetings.

Think Big! Program Details

All of the items below are included in the training courses.

  • Access to Proprietary Tools & Frameworks

    Explore all of our proven tools and methodologies.

  • Personal Login & Dashboard

    Save your progress, easily pick up where you left off.

  • Video Lessons & Comprehension Quizzes

    Learn key business concepts and test your knowledge.

  • Integration Exercises

    Implement what you learn and apply it to your business.

  • Deep Dives

    Get access to Deep Dive videos that provide insight into the nuance and details of the tools.

  • Downloadable Forms & Templates

    Tools that you can use for implementation.

  • Unlimited Messaging for Learning Support

    We’re just an email away to if you have questions.

  • Graduation Certificates

    Earn accredited recognition upon program completion.

  • 2-Hr Monthly Peer Group Meetings

    Get support from your fellow CEO's and a Team Big! Coach to solve each other's business challenges.

  • Exercise Review & Feedback

    Get customized coaching on exercises.

  • Student Spotlight

    Get showcased on the Think Big! site and social media.

  • Add-on: Up to 2 FREE Audit Accounts

    Allow others in your company to follow along with access to view videos and quizzes.

  • $99 Consultation Rate

    Want more coaching? You can book a consultation for a discounted rate of $99/30-min.


All packages are subscription based with monthly payments. You can also add more one-on-one consultation time whenever you like.