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Enjoy our new free short courses, extended trial periods and big discounts during your Coronavirus quarantine.

Please note: These courses are a la carte only and are limited versions of the full courses. There is no coaching support included in these courses. 

Right now we are making courses available at a massive discount or for free. We feel it’s our small way to contribute to all those who are financially affected with loss of employment, a shrinking business or even just uncertainty about what’s next in your career or business. We hope these resources can help those who can use it during this uncertain time.

Need to restructure who does what in your business? Want to gain management skills to help you return to work?

A changing workforce within a company, whether your company is shrinking or growing, means an adjustment of who’s responsible for what. This course teaches a framework for designing or redesigning the structure of roles and responsibilities within your organization.

Course Objectives

  • Move from reactive to proactive business management.
  • Learn how to leverage each of the 4 zones of the Functionality Method.
  • Develop a Functional Structure for your organization.
  • Learn how to integrate the Functionality Method into your business.
  • Explore best practices for how to introduce the Functionality Method to your team.

Do you need to revisit or prepare for a new marketing strategy for your company?

Considering going out on your own and starting your own business? Is your business in transition and you need to redefine what your business is about? Whether you’re brand new to business or just need to shift gears, this short course will help you to lay the groundwork to determine the next best plan. 

Course Objectives

  • Learn the origins of the Market Position concept.
  • Develop a Market Position strategy for your business, your product, or even yourself.
  • Explore how to integrate your position into all areas of your business.

Adapting to a new sales strategy will help you to adapt to a changing economy. 

Get more strategic with sales. Lay the groundwork now to build pre-qualified, pre-sold referrals from your strategic alliances.

This course if for you if you’re ready to fill your future pipeline for years to come with pre-qualified, pre-sold referrals. You want to spend less time doing sales and still build a profitable funnel of future clients. You would like to provide more value to your clients by leveraging your strategic relationships with third-party professionals. You want to deepen your relationships with your clients and truly become that Trusted Advisor by becoming your client’s best resource for all their needs.

Course Objectives

  • Fill your future pipeline with pre-qualified, pre-sold referrals.
  • Become your client’s best resource for all their needs.
  • Create a successful sales strategy that translates into measurable targets and goals.
  • Manage your company’s sales function from an executive point of view.