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We turn eco-minded companies into industry-leading, fully-sustainable brands.

Think Big is a cohort of environmentally conscious SME’s who value sustainability and the impact of a united force.


Reach green goals faster with expert strategy and collaboration to:

  • Maximize revenue...driving social impact attracts more customers and in 2020 resulted in 30% more purchases

  • Build the best teams…yes, top talent want to work for sustainable companies

  • Gain more visibility…because sustainability is sexy!

Your Strategists

Sandy Stewart

Sandy has spent the last 20 years working with small- and medium-sized businesses, helping them to run a better business. Her expertise includes helping businesses with strategic planning, operational efficiencies, financial modeling, value growth all while transitioning to greener companies with less carbon impact.

Brandi Clark Burton

Brandi has 25+ years as a climate activist, consultant, policy advisor, public speaker and green ambassador for organizations and agencies shifting to sustainability and greener actions. She's highly skilled at strategic opportunities, community connections and mind-mapping.

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