Sustainable Sales Track

Get more long-term value out of your sales efforts with non-traditional methods.

In this track the lessons will focus on teaching you how to…

  • Set strategic revenue targets and ambitions
  • Determine your company’s Sustainable Sales strategy
  • Understand and leverage your position in the marketplace
  • Develop and strengthen strategic alliances and partnerships
  • Formalize and manage your sales department

By the end of this track you will have…

  • Revenue targets set for the next 12 months
  • A long-term and short-term sales strategy developed
  • Your Market Position defined for today and a strategy for the future
  • An ecosystem of 3rd party Channel Partnerships developed
  • Tools to support and manage performance of the sales department

Strategic Blueprints Track

Anchor company direction and determine business focus with a practical toolkit.

In this track the courses will focus on teaching you how to…

  • Develop a long-term strategic plan for your business
  • Set a company vision and direction the whole company can get on board with
  • Make decisions about your product offering and pricing model
  • Manage resources and plan for focused growth

By the end of this track you will have…

  • A long-term and short-term Vision for your business
  • A refined Market Position strategy
  • A Capacity for Growth plan
  • A strategy for Sales & Channel Development
  • A Client Base Management framework developed
  • A refined list of your Product / Service Mix
  • A Pricing & Packaging model defined
  • A long-term strategy for Structure & Responsibility
  • A framework for Financial Forecasting
  • A Context and Ethos determined for your company