Connect with Your Peers


It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top. Connect to your own personal board of advisors and solve your business challenges with the support of your group.

Accelerate your learning curve and work on your business together with high-caliber business owner peers.

Get training on Think Big! Program skills and business tools in each meeting. You’ll get a suggested timeline to guide you as you work through the Think Big! Program Lessons.

Start Your Training Right Away

You don't have to wait to begin. You can explore the training on your own until your group is complete.

Applications Open

Sustainable Sales Peer Group in Austin, TX

This group is great for professional service advisors looking to build an ecosystem of Strategic Alliances and strengthen referral relationships.

The group will commence monthly group meetings when all 10 spots have been filled. If you are accepted, you can begin exploring the learning modules in the meantime.

Apply Today

Before joining a group, you'll need to submit a brief application.

This will help us to place you in the best fit group for you and your company. You will be notified if and when your application is accepted as well as when your group is complete and ready to begin. You will not be charged until a group is complete.
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This is for you if...

  • You are seeking support and accountability for your goals.

  • You want to become more intentional about building your business.

  • You would like to foster connections to a peer network.

Peer Group Details

  • 10 Group Members

    Must have all 10 members to begin the group meetings. Until the group is complete you can make progress on the Think Big! Program lessons.

  • 1-Year Commitment

    Work with your group for a minimum of one year. Groups may extend beyond a year if they choose to.

  • 2-Hr Monthly Meetings

    Each meeting will consist of two 30-min blocks of Company Focus times as well as training on Think Big! Program concepts and tools.

  • Online Group Messaging

    Message and communicate with your group members with access to an online collaboration tool.

  • Think Big! Facilitator

    A Think Big! Program Mentor will work with the group members and facilitate each of the virtual meetings.


Valerie Dow

"We wanted 'smart' growth...we now spend less time at networking events, we don't make cold calls, and we have experienced 250% growth."

O'Peka Consulting

Cindy O'Peka

“They taught me business concepts I had never heard of...I completely retooled my business.”

Higher State Technology

Doug Miller

"The program taught me the parameters of what defines different periods of growth and I know where my business is headed with a higher level of confidence."

NKS Financial

Neal Smith

“As a small business owner, most of us have not been trained on what to do and how to do works. It really works!”