Improving Your Profits

Making your business more profitable has a profound impact on your future. 

To get there, the training during the Think Big! Program lets you get to the heart of how to be more profitable

Do you hear yourself asking these questions?
  • How can I make more money with my business?
  • How can I manage my costs?
  • How do I forecast sales?
  • How do I determine how to price myself?
  • What profit level should I have?
  • How do I keep track of my profits?
  • How do I create more profits?

Business Profitability training in the Think Big! Program includes multiple tools and methods that helps you plot your profitability and capacity easily. We’ll even show you management accounting principles that make sense for your small business.

Highlights of Think Big! Program graduates’ accomplishments:

  • A professional concierge service developed a profitability model that allows them to see exactly what impacts profit. Monthly they now make instant changes to improve it. 
  • A testing facility is now managing their business with a strategic viewpoint and now feels much more confident about the day-to-day business decisions they make. 
  • An HR Consulting firm used the profitability model to reconfigure their business model and design it for their desired profit. They realized that their previous model (even if managed perfectly) would net very little profit. 
  • A technology firm grew their revenue and profits by 300%. (see video below)

Grew revenue and profit by 300%...

The most valuable part of what I gained was the relationship with Sandy, Linas and the rest of the team.
—Ben Hardt, Vandelay Industries

Learn more about how the ThinkBig! program can help your business:

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