Business Management Workshops

Our workshops are a quick and easy way to learn more about the Think Big! Training Program.

Each workshop will give you a sample of some of the concepts you will learn in the full training program. Come and hear what the business training program can do for you and get introduced to the following tools for your small business:

Creating More Referrals

We all know that a referral to you from a trusted source such as a CPA or a Bank is much more likely to convert to a business customer than a lead from marketing campaigns or advertising. Our business management tools are proven to help identify, create and manage the best sources of referrals for your business.

Improve your Bottom Line

In small business, selling more often doesn't result in making more profit. Why? There are 3 key areas your business must manage in order to improve the bottom line. It's easier than you think to stay profitable and there is no "rocket science" to using our tools.

Getting Things Done

When things "fall through the cracks", it causes stress and strain for businesses and their customers. This proven tool and unique methodology creates a framework and step-by-step plan to better manage tasks. It's used by small and large companies and it works!

Learn more about the 8-month ThinkBig! small business management training program.

Sandy Burton, Founder of the Think Big! Program, describes what you can learn in one of our low-cost workshops.